Monday, 2 March 2009

New Ishkur

Well it seems it's time for a new Ishkur again.
After a short roam through The Bleak Lands with little event, I now found myself with the rest of the PRETA Patrol in Sosala. The Fleet consisted of frigate-sized hulls, and we had picked up a number of interesting signatures on scan.
It all seems a little hazy now, but as I remember it we caught a Prophecy-Class Battlecruiser in the Ice Field. It disintegrated under the barrage of Laser and Autocannon Fire, my drones still ripping away at the Armor plates as the unfortunate pilot got his pod out of the fight.
Then it all went wrong.
Midway through the battle, an Onyx had appeared on the scene. Commander Yishal had given the order to get range, but not to engage, as we were nearly finished with the Prophecy, and at any rate, the onyx was firing on It as well.
There is a thud, and the sound of someone swearing quietly in Gallentean. The feed cuts off for a few seconds, and then flicks back online.
Several seconds after the Prophecy went down, I realised I was not gaining range on the Onyx. The cloud of water vapour and dust surrounding an Ice Asteroid had clogged my engines, and I was now moving at a fedo's pace. Seeing this, the Onyx promptly locked me in place with a warp scrambler. I managed to keep my ship together for quite a while by maneuvering manually in a wide arc around the Onyx, my ECM drones desperately trying to break his lock. Then, the rest of his fleet arrived and my Ishkur finally gave way under fire from four ships.
I slammed a hand against the side of my capsule in frustration, and went into warp instantly.
As I load modules for my new Ishkur into my hanger, I cannot help but feel a degree of respect for commander Yishal. Despite her thoughtless behavior towards Vincent, how irritated I was with her about it, and her general lack of Charisma, It seems I will have to acknowledge that she is an excellent fleet commander.
There is a long pause, a sigh, and the recording ends.

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