Sunday, 22 March 2009

Point Pleasant

There are days when everything seems so negative. There are others where the opposite is true. Yesterday, was one of these.

As the docking clamps released my Incursus Class Frigate, 'République', I couldn't help but dwell on the Sparring session I'd arranged with Celia a few days back. There was a party on at the Three Sisters Bar tonight, and I didn't want to show up covered in bruises. Well, I suppose that wasn't the only thing on my mind, but I don't think I'm ready to face the other things yet.

A quick patrol into Uncharted space was organized. It was brief and uneventful. Scans picked up a number of Recently anchored structures, and a Dominix Class Battleship, which quickly disappeared from scanners. We re-entered K-Space disappointed and empty handed, heading back into Tzvi, and attempting to catch a 24IC Thrasher. He made himself scarce when we showed up. I headed station-side to meet with Celia, and the rest of the patrol carried on into the Bleak Lands.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how relaxing the Sparring session was. The Gym itself was as I expected, but Celia... Celia was not. To be entirely honest, I'm not sure what I had expected.
We exchanged blows, and talked, about our pasts, Education, A few problems we'd had with people previously. I felt more relaxed than I had in a long time, and I was caught offguard, both literally and mentally when she asked about my Supression Subroutines. I was amazed anyone would even want to consider using them after people saw what I went through with it. I went over some of the nastier side effects and rapidly changed the subject in an effort to put her off. I wouldn't want to see anyone have to go through what I did.

Once sparring was over, we took the Interbus over to Jel, and made for the Three Sisters Laguna. It felt odd being back in Sinq Laison, yet not seeing any of my old FNA associates. I suppose they've all moved on like me.
Still, the party was good. Kimochi nearly broke my arms because she though I was ogling her from under the water, which I found immensely funny. Commander Yishal saved the day by pointing out that I'd probably enjoy it, causing Kimochi to let go, and settle for ducking my head under the water instead.

All in all, I enjoyed the party. I was relaxed, but my mind felt so... clouded, Like I didn't know what to do next. Things keep flashing through my mind, and I'm pretty sure it's not my implants playing up again...

Saturday, 14 March 2009


Incoming Transmission...
Priority: Urgent
Recipient: Trald Vukenda, Dominations
Original Sender ID: PRETA017, Tzvi

Forwarded By: Padoona Aghmayan, WY-9LL VIII - Moon 3 - Dominations Testing Facilities

ject: Initial Scouting Party into Uncharted 'W-Space'

Initial Surveys Indicated Discovered Wormhole was destabilizing, and led to an area of space that had not yet been charted. (Locus Signature J140322) Fleet Command Made the decision to send a number of low-mass ships with survey equipment through. Preliminary Scans Indicated 8 Plants of assorted sizes and types orbiting an A0 Class Star. System has been dubbed 'Ceiling Ghost', although it is unlikely it will ever be discovered by Cartel Pilots again. Nebulae and Constellations were completely unrecognizable. Further Scanning revealed a high concentration of Cosmic Signatures towards the core of the system. Due to time constraints, these were not investigated further. (See secure files attached regarding these) A Number of recognizable Signatures were picked up on scan, Amongst them an Ibis Class Frigate and two abandoned 'Hammerhead' Drones, suggesting that this system had been explored previously. The Ibis-Class Frigate was tracked down and salvaged in the name of The Angel Cartel. Readings are attached in a secure file, Camera Drone Recordings are also attached.

Thursday, 12 March 2009


Well, I wake up, and a whole planet along with the majority of it's inhabitants are gone.
Stock Markets have closed down, CONCORD are re-routing traffic to avoid anomalies caused by the event and I have about 300 Messages on my Datapad.
I should be able to take advantage of the situation, No-one's paying attention to the markets at a time like this.

There is a sigh, muffled sounds, And the recording ends.

Monday, 9 March 2009


There is a click, and static as the recording starts. Milo's voice seems calmer than it has been in previous entries.

These recordings have been a real help for me. They're another outlet that helps me stay sane.
Despite this, I still managed to lose my cool in The Skyhook after the PRETA Awards Ceremony last night. My suppression subroutines had been playing up, and Memories of Al kept Surfacing.
When they finally did start working again, I was in the most bizarre of moods. Ran into someone I'd seen in the bar a few times before, Names don't need to be mentioned as there's a possibility DED might get hold of these files, and he seemed a decent enough chap. 5 minutes after I'd met him, he'd sold Celia Nerve Sticks, and I was asking for Frentix.
Jude walked out, not wanting to get involved, and 5 minutes later, my Suppression Subroutines blew out completely.
I left the bar a wreck, ashamed, angry and wracked with guilt. Rather than taking the usual slow route back to my apartment, I used the maintenance elevators in the hope I could get back unseen.

There is a click, and soft, relaxing music is heard in the background.

As soon as I got back, I set security to maximum, and plugged myself in, purging every single kilobyte of data linked to the Suppression Subroutines from my head. I felt so much better for it, and I think I even managed to get rid of the last of the ASRS Firmware that had been hanging around in my head. It's not quite flawless yet, but we're getting there.
I can no longer hide from the problem regarding Suicide Circuits in old ASRS Implants, something has to be done before I lose more than old friends.

There is a click, and a beep from the background.

Hmm, seems Al's old Stabber has Arrived at last. Let's see what I can do with it...

There is another click, and the recording ends.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Sodium Channels

There is a click, and static as the recording starts. A long sigh is heard.

Not only has it been a long day, but it got longer once I got off patrol. Patrol had been reasonably successful, with a fair number of targets presenting themselves, the most notable of which being a Cyclone, who melted with speed.
Once I arrived station-side, I made straight for my apartment. There were a few messages hanging around I'd been unable to check earlier. The first one blew my mind.

Dear Mr. Caman.
We are sorry to inform you that the individual known as Al Harken has passed away. We understand that he had ties with your previous organization, and it seems he has mentioned you in his will.
Mr. Harken was found in his apartment on Aurcel V at 14:00. Autopsy reveals that Mr. Harken died of a Brain Hemorrhage. No clones could be located, and no solid reason behind the Hemorrhage could be found.
Mr. Harken left you a small sum of ISK, and a Stabber-Class Cruiser (Registration 234-BB 'Delphi') The Cruiser can be found at Aurcel IV - Moon 17 - Aliastra Warehouse.
We are deeply sorry for your loss, and hope you can come to terms with Mr. Harken's Demise.
Kai Syntaki

I simply ceased to think consciously for a few hours. I had known Al from the start. I worked with him in LiveTech, I flew with him when ASRS was a dream, a concept, and even after he went planetside I stayed in touch, swapping intel and similar.
I used a suppression subroutine on my implant in an effort to put it out of my mind and headed down to The Skyhook, but despite the implant's programming, it kept surfacing.
I went back to my apartment early, and lay in bed, unable to sleep.

A typical suicide circuit operates in a similar way to some boosters. It overloads the synapses, and floods the brain with chemicals. Usually a neurotoxin, such as tetrodotoxin is used, as it acts to block sodium channels in neurons, preventing action potentials. This leads to paralysis and eventually death. There are few antidotes that can clear sodium channels, and, for that matter, death is almost always too swift for the correct antidote to be applied.
I cannot help but wonder whether the IHLS Autopsy found traces of tetrodotoxin.

There is a long pause, and heavy breathing is heard.

How many more will my Legacy claim before it finally collapses in upon itself for good?

There is static, and a click as the recording ends.

Monday, 2 March 2009

New Ishkur

Well it seems it's time for a new Ishkur again.
After a short roam through The Bleak Lands with little event, I now found myself with the rest of the PRETA Patrol in Sosala. The Fleet consisted of frigate-sized hulls, and we had picked up a number of interesting signatures on scan.
It all seems a little hazy now, but as I remember it we caught a Prophecy-Class Battlecruiser in the Ice Field. It disintegrated under the barrage of Laser and Autocannon Fire, my drones still ripping away at the Armor plates as the unfortunate pilot got his pod out of the fight.
Then it all went wrong.
Midway through the battle, an Onyx had appeared on the scene. Commander Yishal had given the order to get range, but not to engage, as we were nearly finished with the Prophecy, and at any rate, the onyx was firing on It as well.
There is a thud, and the sound of someone swearing quietly in Gallentean. The feed cuts off for a few seconds, and then flicks back online.
Several seconds after the Prophecy went down, I realised I was not gaining range on the Onyx. The cloud of water vapour and dust surrounding an Ice Asteroid had clogged my engines, and I was now moving at a fedo's pace. Seeing this, the Onyx promptly locked me in place with a warp scrambler. I managed to keep my ship together for quite a while by maneuvering manually in a wide arc around the Onyx, my ECM drones desperately trying to break his lock. Then, the rest of his fleet arrived and my Ishkur finally gave way under fire from four ships.
I slammed a hand against the side of my capsule in frustration, and went into warp instantly.
As I load modules for my new Ishkur into my hanger, I cannot help but feel a degree of respect for commander Yishal. Despite her thoughtless behavior towards Vincent, how irritated I was with her about it, and her general lack of Charisma, It seems I will have to acknowledge that she is an excellent fleet commander.
There is a long pause, a sigh, and the recording ends.