Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Back in Sinq

Milo briefly glances down from his vantage point in the PYRE viewing gallery. Two teams of engineers are gathered around a grounded Firblog class fighter, assessing and repairing damage from a previous engagement. Across the bay, crates of ammunition are being carefully placed into automated loading systems by serious-looking dock workers.

He looks back to his console. Things have changed a lot since he was here last. Gone are the days of the naive FNA graduate, an idealist in the purest sense. Somewhere along the line, things changed, and now he sits, not far from home, representing the very jackbooted paramilitaries he used to despise. A smirk crosses his face for a moment at this thought, and he immerses himself in his work again.

Scrolling through the datastream, he notices that several couriers containing high-value BPCs have arrived at his new base of operations ahead of everything else. He looks up the courier company, an Intaki-based enterprise going by the name of Aditi Kamal, and makes a mental note to contact them about the remainder of his high-priority hauling.

Moving on, he finds dossiers on his new allies, battle reports from the Caldari warzone (Things are not looking particularly good), and spends a few minutes checking over the blueprints that arrived. Everything seems to be in order.

He looks back to the hanger. The fighter is now being moved out. The hybrid autoloader is beginning its first cycle. The engineers have dispersed, and are making their way towards an exit, possibly towards the wrecked Maulus sitting in the next bay.

It's going to be a long shift, Milo's been busy.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


  Syndicate Institute of Nanomolecular Physics

The effect of Fullerene (C28) on the Delivery Efficiency of Improved Pure Drop Solution.
Milo Caman1., Shiquian Zhu2.

1. Anshar Incorporated YZ-LQL Laboratories, Nanobiology, 44252.galnet.spiq 2. Department of Astrochemistry, University of Caille, 55326.galnet.uc
Received 18 February 114, accepted 27 March 114

To better assess alternative methods of neural booster RNA delivery in human systems, several prototypes utilizing Fullerene C28 as a delivery vector demonstrated improved booster diffusion across cell membranes and reduction of negative neural booster side effects.
Alternative methods involving other fullerenes and modifications to existing retrovirii were attempted. However, C28 proved to be the most effective due to its sub-nanometre scale. This allowed it to diffuse through ion channels and allow for the contained RNA to integrate directly into host neurons.
Studies of this method showed a 28% increase in neuron firing rate and a 19% reduction of harmful side-effects across the test population to a statistically significant degree.

UPDATE 28/05/2012: Now the Seyllin Conference has concluded, the full paper can be found here.

Thursday, 20 January 2011


Milo appears on screen. He's behind his workbench, as usual, but rather than the usual assortment of tools and parts, there's a kitten lying luxuriously on it's back. Milo is scratching it's belly with an absent-minded expression on his face.

'So in all the chaos of the past few days, and last night's hectic write up, I sorta didn't realise that my cats had- well- had kittens'

He smiles, another kitten pads across the camera view, momentarily obscuring Milo.

'I suppose it's reflective of how I feel. After all, what with the security leaks Operation Red Haze, Patrols and everything else I've been stretched pretty thin. Tried as hard as I could to avoid using my implants to keep me going, but in the end I had to. Was really careful though, not like some of my employees, who I need to remind to sleep sometimes.'

Milo stops petting the kitten, which gives a mewl of protest, picks itself up, and moves off the screen. Milo glances behind him for a moment, revealing a cat basket with an Adult cat dozing in it. He smiles, and turns back.

'Sparkahn seems to be doing a good Job of Beansnakes, we've got a few more employees, and things with ANN are really starting to kick off. Maybe I can relax for a bit.'

'He stretches, gets up, and starts heading off-screen'

'End Recording'

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Pyrrhic Victory

Milo appears on screen. As per usual, he looks somewhat tired, although his workbench is clear of papers and parts. He attempts a smile, then shakes his head and sighs.

This is going to be brief. I'm dealing with a mountain of paperwork after the engagement with the Kadeshi the other night. I'd like to think we came out on top, but it was a bit of a pyrrhic victory. Whilst we successfully decimated their entire sub-capital fleet, Knights of Kador and Stillwater sustained heavy losses.

Aside from that, it's not been a bad week. We've picked up an eager new capsuleer recruit going by the callsign of 'Con Script'. He flies his Rifters with enthusiasm and competence, and seems to be settling in pretty well.

I also had a 'nearly successful' engagement with a Ferox off the station in Amod. Sadly I wasn't paying attention and burnt out my entire top rack just as his shields gave way. It was an enjoyable fight though, and I managed to salvage about 60% of the crew's escape pods and some of the drones I had in space about 20 minutes afterwards.

Oh yeah, and AI's latest venture, Beansnakes, seems to be going pretty well. We've already seen a lot of business in our branch in Amod, and have seen even more shipments of out 'Booster Blends' going out across the cluster.

I'm planning on taking a long weekend out in Syndicate to get away from it all. it's about the only place that no-one can track me to pester me.

Milo rubs his eyes, pauses for a moment and closes the feed.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

CSM Minute Thoughts

So it seems the latest CSM Minutes have been published.

Frankly, I'm up in arms about them like everyone else. Almost every issue that came up was ignored in favour of 'work on Dust and Incarna' I'm all for both of those, but they really shouldn't be siphoning all dev time away from CCP's main product. I actually recall them stating that Dust/Incarna had separate teams so dev time *wasn't* siphoned off, but evidently that's not the case anymore.

As someone who's been playing 3+ years, and is thoroughly addicted to the game, it's quite painful to see CCP making decisions like this. It's tempting to drop my sub, but I don't really have anywhere else to go. In any case, I'm optimistic that the uproar will give CCP cause to have a rethink.

One of the big issues surrounding this whole fiasco is the big lack of serious competition for CCP. There's no established/decent Sci-Fi MMOs out there at the moment, so they can really afford to do whatever the fuck they like.

Friday, 25 June 2010


At last! I've finally gotten around to writing a full Bio for Milo on Evelopedia!

Tell me what you think, and jab me in the ribs if it's too mary-sue-ish.


Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Infodump: Enyo Interior

I wrote this some time ago for some small-scale RP I was involved in out in Genesis. Thought I might as well make it public, as there's not much else I can use it for now. Enjoy!

The Interior of the Enyo follows the usual Gallente design ethic. Organic curves seem to permeate everything, and surfaces have a strange metallic sheen. The Enyo’s Interior differs slightly in colour from other Gallente frigate interiors. Reds and oranges, The corporate colours of Roden Shipyards, are prominent here.

Being a Capsuleer’s ship, the Bridge is dominated by the Hardware needed to connect the Pod with the rest of the ship. The original bridge controls have been removed, leaving a large empty area behind. On this particular ship, it’s being used for extra storage, with crates of Hybrid Ammo piled up against the walls.

From the bridge, Three long corridors are visible. Two of these are maintenance, and lead up either side of the ship, branching off at regular intervals. Most of these branch off to Gun and weaponry mounts, and are rarely used when the ship is in flight, as the guns are controlled from a central source. Where the two corridors meet at the back of the ship, there are passages leading off to rooms which provide various engine and thruster functions.

The Central corridor leads to the Core of the ship, where controls for mounts, Sensors and Navigation can be found. The crew’s quarters can be found up here as well, close to the various control rooms in the event that the ship is ‘caught napping’
Typically, Assault frigates house crews of 5-10, depending on the model, but with the introduction of capsule technology, this number was drastically reduced, with some of the lower tech frigates not needing crew at all. However, the design of the Enyo requires a minimum of five crew members at any time to Operate.

The Crew’s quarters accommodate for Ten, with a single room set aside for the captain.
Each room contains two bunks, washing facilities, and various privacy screens. Being of Gallente design, the rooms also contain various functions that make life for the users more comfortable, with elaborate systems that allow for a change in the colour of the walls, and a database full of Holoreels to pass the time when the ship is inactive.
The Crew quarters also comprise of a Central Space, in which the crew socialise, eat and entertain themselves, and a small kitchen.

The captain’s room is much like the others, except the second bunk has been removed to make way for a desk, and a piece of equipment trailing various wires, that allows for basic interfacing with the ship for short periods of time. The room is not bigger, or more elaborate than those of the crew’s, Roden’s designers recognised that relative deprivation could occur, and took steps to avoid it when designing the Enyo.

Finally, nestling at the core of the ship, are the control rooms. These are packed full of tools that allow for manipulation of the ship, whilst under guidance from the Pod. Various override systems allow the Capsuleer to put his or her foot down upon any unwanted activity, but for the most part, only co-ordination is required. Crew members will plug themselves into various interfaces that are geared towards operating a specific part of the ship, and that receive Instructions from the Pod at the bow.