Friday, 25 June 2010


At last! I've finally gotten around to writing a full Bio for Milo on Evelopedia!

Tell me what you think, and jab me in the ribs if it's too mary-sue-ish.


Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Infodump: Enyo Interior

I wrote this some time ago for some small-scale RP I was involved in out in Genesis. Thought I might as well make it public, as there's not much else I can use it for now. Enjoy!

The Interior of the Enyo follows the usual Gallente design ethic. Organic curves seem to permeate everything, and surfaces have a strange metallic sheen. The Enyo’s Interior differs slightly in colour from other Gallente frigate interiors. Reds and oranges, The corporate colours of Roden Shipyards, are prominent here.

Being a Capsuleer’s ship, the Bridge is dominated by the Hardware needed to connect the Pod with the rest of the ship. The original bridge controls have been removed, leaving a large empty area behind. On this particular ship, it’s being used for extra storage, with crates of Hybrid Ammo piled up against the walls.

From the bridge, Three long corridors are visible. Two of these are maintenance, and lead up either side of the ship, branching off at regular intervals. Most of these branch off to Gun and weaponry mounts, and are rarely used when the ship is in flight, as the guns are controlled from a central source. Where the two corridors meet at the back of the ship, there are passages leading off to rooms which provide various engine and thruster functions.

The Central corridor leads to the Core of the ship, where controls for mounts, Sensors and Navigation can be found. The crew’s quarters can be found up here as well, close to the various control rooms in the event that the ship is ‘caught napping’
Typically, Assault frigates house crews of 5-10, depending on the model, but with the introduction of capsule technology, this number was drastically reduced, with some of the lower tech frigates not needing crew at all. However, the design of the Enyo requires a minimum of five crew members at any time to Operate.

The Crew’s quarters accommodate for Ten, with a single room set aside for the captain.
Each room contains two bunks, washing facilities, and various privacy screens. Being of Gallente design, the rooms also contain various functions that make life for the users more comfortable, with elaborate systems that allow for a change in the colour of the walls, and a database full of Holoreels to pass the time when the ship is inactive.
The Crew quarters also comprise of a Central Space, in which the crew socialise, eat and entertain themselves, and a small kitchen.

The captain’s room is much like the others, except the second bunk has been removed to make way for a desk, and a piece of equipment trailing various wires, that allows for basic interfacing with the ship for short periods of time. The room is not bigger, or more elaborate than those of the crew’s, Roden’s designers recognised that relative deprivation could occur, and took steps to avoid it when designing the Enyo.

Finally, nestling at the core of the ship, are the control rooms. These are packed full of tools that allow for manipulation of the ship, whilst under guidance from the Pod. Various override systems allow the Capsuleer to put his or her foot down upon any unwanted activity, but for the most part, only co-ordination is required. Crew members will plug themselves into various interfaces that are geared towards operating a specific part of the ship, and that receive Instructions from the Pod at the bow.

Thursday, 3 June 2010


So I think I might finally start posting OOC as well as IC and start tagging my posts properly. 

Previously I think it was partially laziness, and partially lack of opinion that had me avoiding Out-of-character posts. Now I finally find myself running a corporation again, I feel like I (might) at least have something to say.

AI seems to be shaping up better than I expected, although trying to get people together to do stuff feels a little like herding cats at times.

Anyways, that's all I'm going to say for the second. Lil' worried I might let slip about some of my corporate plans™