Thursday, 20 January 2011


Milo appears on screen. He's behind his workbench, as usual, but rather than the usual assortment of tools and parts, there's a kitten lying luxuriously on it's back. Milo is scratching it's belly with an absent-minded expression on his face.

'So in all the chaos of the past few days, and last night's hectic write up, I sorta didn't realise that my cats had- well- had kittens'

He smiles, another kitten pads across the camera view, momentarily obscuring Milo.

'I suppose it's reflective of how I feel. After all, what with the security leaks Operation Red Haze, Patrols and everything else I've been stretched pretty thin. Tried as hard as I could to avoid using my implants to keep me going, but in the end I had to. Was really careful though, not like some of my employees, who I need to remind to sleep sometimes.'

Milo stops petting the kitten, which gives a mewl of protest, picks itself up, and moves off the screen. Milo glances behind him for a moment, revealing a cat basket with an Adult cat dozing in it. He smiles, and turns back.

'Sparkahn seems to be doing a good Job of Beansnakes, we've got a few more employees, and things with ANN are really starting to kick off. Maybe I can relax for a bit.'

'He stretches, gets up, and starts heading off-screen'

'End Recording'