Monday, 30 November 2009


Milo appears on screen. He looks pale, and has dark rings under his eyes. He is, however, smiling, and is putting together an implant on the workbench in front of him. He reaches out with one hand to configure the camera drone.

Busy and really rather profitable week really. I've spent most of my time pulling together various contracts, and a short amount of time ensuring further cooperation of future clients.

We're finally coming close to pulling together a proper contract system for ah- clients in Nadire. I've netted so many contracts in the past few days we're going to need it.

He pauses and squints at the implant on the worktop, before adjusting some internal wiring.

My little scheme for encouraging pilots into low security space is going well. The last roam netted a few decent kills before eventually going out in a ball of flame. Still regret I made the decision to stay. Still, we did far more damage than was inflicted upon us, and most importantly, everyone enjoyed it.

Milo stops again, this time setting some pins on the side of the implant. He checks his implant socket, tilts his head and slots the implant in, wincing slightly as he does so.

I might head down to the Skyhook for a celebratory drink or two tonight. Maybe someone will show up. I've reconfigured my implants to compensate for my lack of sleep lately, so I should be alright.

He leans over and turn the camera drone off.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Dieu it's been a while. I'm getting worried.

Milo can be seen pacing back and forward across the screen, the camera appears to be at a slight angle, as if it's been put down in a hurry.

I've still not heard anything from Celia. It's just like she's- Vanished. No-one at her apartment, no console activity. I'd have started a search earlier, but recent events have kept me somewhat occupied.

He stops pacing and moves across the room to another console, entering commands with his back to the camera.

I can't believe I nearly- nearly forgot. It's almost as if she- slipped my mind?

He pauses, a look of confusion crossing his face.

It's these damned implants again I just know it! I thought I'd solved the problem when I was out in Syndicate.

He stops typing and makes his way back towards the Camera. The feed stops abruptly.