Thursday, 30 July 2009


Milo can be seen standing in his private hanger, grinning like a fool. Behind him, the golden hull of an Arazu gleams in the bright light of the hanger.

It's Arrived.

Milo walks off-shot, and the Camera Drone Pans around the ship for several minutes, before
cutting off completely


Friday, 24 July 2009


The Feed flicks on.
Instead of his usual apartment in the background, Milo appears to be sitting up in bed shirtless, and tapping into his datapad. Despite the black eye and shallow cuts and scratches on his torso, Milo looks unusually relaxed. Celia can be seen lying beside him on one side, asleep. Instead of talking into the log, text scrolls up from the bottom of the screen.

Well that was interesting.

There's a pause in the flow of text and Milo stops typing for a moment.

After a wonderful, if hastily arranged meal with Vince and Kelsy, I ended up trapped in the cargo lift with Celia for a few hours. I have no doubt that Vince arranged this, and I'm glad he did. He's been prodding and poking me about Celia ever since I installed his implant. Apparently he'd been doing the same about me with her.

Another pause.

She cornered me almost as soon as the elevator stopped and- well, I didn't realise she liked me quite so much. It's been far too long since I've done anything like that. I'm not entirely sure how I got by without.
We Ah- Eventually got the Elevator fixed and headed back here. She certainly knows how to live in style.

He Grins

I suppose I should close this feed in case I wake her up typing. It's still rather early.

Milo enters a few commands into the datapad, He types something in quickly, and the feed closes. The PRETA Logo flashing on-screen for a moment.