Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Back in Sinq

Milo briefly glances down from his vantage point in the PYRE viewing gallery. Two teams of engineers are gathered around a grounded Firblog class fighter, assessing and repairing damage from a previous engagement. Across the bay, crates of ammunition are being carefully placed into automated loading systems by serious-looking dock workers.

He looks back to his console. Things have changed a lot since he was here last. Gone are the days of the naive FNA graduate, an idealist in the purest sense. Somewhere along the line, things changed, and now he sits, not far from home, representing the very jackbooted paramilitaries he used to despise. A smirk crosses his face for a moment at this thought, and he immerses himself in his work again.

Scrolling through the datastream, he notices that several couriers containing high-value BPCs have arrived at his new base of operations ahead of everything else. He looks up the courier company, an Intaki-based enterprise going by the name of Aditi Kamal, and makes a mental note to contact them about the remainder of his high-priority hauling.

Moving on, he finds dossiers on his new allies, battle reports from the Caldari warzone (Things are not looking particularly good), and spends a few minutes checking over the blueprints that arrived. Everything seems to be in order.

He looks back to the hanger. The fighter is now being moved out. The hybrid autoloader is beginning its first cycle. The engineers have dispersed, and are making their way towards an exit, possibly towards the wrecked Maulus sitting in the next bay.

It's going to be a long shift, Milo's been busy.