Friday, 19 June 2009


Milo can be seen sitting at his workbench in his apartment, hardware and empty mugs covering the surface like so many mushrooms. He looks unusually happy.

She's back.

He takes a sip of his coffee.

After god knows how many weeks planetside, Celia's finally come back. I'm not sure how I managed to stop myself doing nothing but mope for the past few weeks. Everything has seemed so- colourless in comparison to how I feel now.
It's amazing how fragile we are considering we can command entire ships, both emotionally and physically. Newt showed up in the Skyhook with a limp after getting involved with some ridiculous Matari sport, and how I felt when Celia expressed an Interest in it- What the Hell's wrong with me? Why do I feel so damn protective?

He sighs.

Change of subject. I managed to get myself a Taranis. It's a wonderful little ship, although it operates on the edge somewhat. So far I've had a chance to test it on a Hurricane and an Enyo. Both fights feeling more dangerous than usual, entering combat in such a thinly constructed ship. Moves damn fast though.

Another sigh. Milo glances over the messy worktop.

I suppose I should clear this mess up.

He reaches over to the camera drone, and the feed closes, the PRETA logo showing on screen for a fraction of a second before It blanks out

Monday, 15 June 2009


The feed clicks on. Rather than his apartment, Milo can be seen in a hanger control room. The camera pans around, revealing him to be alone. Through the viewing screen can be seen a number of techs bustling around a Comet class frigate. Milo looks over at it, and smiles.

Surprises. They occur more often than you might think. I've had a lot since I hooked up with the Ghosts, but nothing like this.

He gestures at the Comet.

For example, actually being accepted into Ghost Festival, considering my background caught me
by surprise. Losing my Ishkur for the first time caught me by surprise, as did my peers. I arrived expecting to be shunned and avoided but this is so- different.

He stops for a moment, turning back to the comet to give orders to one of the technicians, who seems to be explaining a lack of powergrid will cause issues with the weapons that need to be mounted. After about a minute of heated discussion, the
technician hurries off and shouts some orders. Milo turns back to the camera.

Oh yes. The Comet. This arrived from Alillere, the nearest retail outlet that does courier contracts from Aurcel. This was sent by my parents, I'm sure of it. It- I think it means they want to speak with me. I've had no contact with them since I left Livetech. I'm pretty sure they got this to me via IHLS. If they know exactly where I'm based, I'll be worried.

He Pauses

I don't think they'll approve of my chosen career path, but they have a right to know. Even if this means rejection all over again.

The feed closes, the PRETA logo flashing on screen for a second before it goes totally blank.

Thursday, 4 June 2009


The feed clicks on. Rather than his apartment, Milo is sitting at a desk in what appears to be a ship's cabin. The cabin follows the usual Gallente design ethic. Organic curves seem to permeate everything, and surfaces have a strange metallic sheen. The colours differ slightly from other Gallente frigate interiors. Reds and oranges, The corporate colours of Roden Shipyards, are prominent here.

Well, it seems I've managed to get myself into a real mess. After a night of heavy drinking to celebrate Heyna's admittance to Ghost Festival, I made the particularly stupid decision of taking the Heroiné out without trying to recover from the previous night. Now I'm stuck in Promised Land with a large fleet hunting me down.

He glances over his shoulder towards the door.

The crew don't seem too bothered by the fact that they're going to be stuck on board this ship for a couple of days while we wait for the system to clear out. I suppose they're used to living on board. I doubt I will cope quite as well.

I can't help but feel I've been slacking recently. Half of my targets are escaping because I make my approaches too obvious, Celia seems to be avoiding me, and now this.

He sighs.

I'm sure it'll turn out I embarrassed myself with Heyna in the Skyhook as well. I didn't get a chance to talk with her before I was cleared for docking.
I do hope it wasn't anything stupid.

The feed closes, and the log ends, a Roden Shipyards logo flashing onscreen for a moment before the screen goes black.