Friday, 28 August 2009


Milo can be seen sitting at his desk. A thin layer of dust covers the worksurface in front of him. He brushes some of it away with his hand and sighs.

That was fairly horrible.

He reaches across off-screen and starts unpacking a case, continuing to talk as he does so.

Another damn attempt to get me back.

He scowls.

Emotional blackmail, My Sister's illness, My Father's problems. Mother seems almost desperate to get me back to Aurcel for good. I think-

He pauses.

If the others had be there I might- I might've stayed. For all I knew I was being lied to. Not once did I see any other relatives. It's almost as if they'd moved off-planet. I couldn't track them, records were obscure, or blocked, and all the while my Mother spouting these- lies!

Milo is almost shouting now, hurling things across the room as he unpacks his suitcase. He jumps as something hits the far wall with a crack. He sits up, closes his eyes and breathes deeply.

I realised about half-way though the week I'd forgotten to tell Celia, or anyone else for that matter, where I was going and decided to cut my visit short. I left quietly, leaving a note for Mother telling her not to try and track me. I doubt that'll deter the woman though. I left via private shuttle rather than Interbus this time. Should make me slightly harder to follow.

He sighs.

Still, I'm going to have to do something about it eventually. I need to get ahold of my Father and my Sister before anything else, and now I have the Cartel's equipment and expertise at my disposal I can afford to put less time towards finding them-

He cuts off. There's a buzz and Milo hurries off-screen, hurrying back for a second to turn the camera drone off. The PRETA logo flashes on-screen for a moment before the feed closes.

Monday, 3 August 2009


Milo can be seen on screen. he looks pale and worried. Half-packed crates litter the floor behind him.

More messages. Telling me to- come back. No reasons given, No replies to my questions. I'm catching the next Shuttle back to Aurcel.
It's been so long since I've seen my parents, and we didn't part on good terms, but-

He hesitates.

The Comet, the messages, They should have gotten over all of the crap that happened when I left? Right?

The feed runs for a while longer, before ending abruptly.