Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Dieu it's been a while. I'm getting worried.

Milo can be seen pacing back and forward across the screen, the camera appears to be at a slight angle, as if it's been put down in a hurry.

I've still not heard anything from Celia. It's just like she's- Vanished. No-one at her apartment, no console activity. I'd have started a search earlier, but recent events have kept me somewhat occupied.

He stops pacing and moves across the room to another console, entering commands with his back to the camera.

I can't believe I nearly- nearly forgot. It's almost as if she- slipped my mind?

He pauses, a look of confusion crossing his face.

It's these damned implants again I just know it! I thought I'd solved the problem when I was out in Syndicate.

He stops typing and makes his way back towards the Camera. The feed stops abruptly.

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