Monday, 9 March 2009


There is a click, and static as the recording starts. Milo's voice seems calmer than it has been in previous entries.

These recordings have been a real help for me. They're another outlet that helps me stay sane.
Despite this, I still managed to lose my cool in The Skyhook after the PRETA Awards Ceremony last night. My suppression subroutines had been playing up, and Memories of Al kept Surfacing.
When they finally did start working again, I was in the most bizarre of moods. Ran into someone I'd seen in the bar a few times before, Names don't need to be mentioned as there's a possibility DED might get hold of these files, and he seemed a decent enough chap. 5 minutes after I'd met him, he'd sold Celia Nerve Sticks, and I was asking for Frentix.
Jude walked out, not wanting to get involved, and 5 minutes later, my Suppression Subroutines blew out completely.
I left the bar a wreck, ashamed, angry and wracked with guilt. Rather than taking the usual slow route back to my apartment, I used the maintenance elevators in the hope I could get back unseen.

There is a click, and soft, relaxing music is heard in the background.

As soon as I got back, I set security to maximum, and plugged myself in, purging every single kilobyte of data linked to the Suppression Subroutines from my head. I felt so much better for it, and I think I even managed to get rid of the last of the ASRS Firmware that had been hanging around in my head. It's not quite flawless yet, but we're getting there.
I can no longer hide from the problem regarding Suicide Circuits in old ASRS Implants, something has to be done before I lose more than old friends.

There is a click, and a beep from the background.

Hmm, seems Al's old Stabber has Arrived at last. Let's see what I can do with it...

There is another click, and the recording ends.

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