Saturday, 14 March 2009


Incoming Transmission...
Priority: Urgent
Recipient: Trald Vukenda, Dominations
Original Sender ID: PRETA017, Tzvi

Forwarded By: Padoona Aghmayan, WY-9LL VIII - Moon 3 - Dominations Testing Facilities

ject: Initial Scouting Party into Uncharted 'W-Space'

Initial Surveys Indicated Discovered Wormhole was destabilizing, and led to an area of space that had not yet been charted. (Locus Signature J140322) Fleet Command Made the decision to send a number of low-mass ships with survey equipment through. Preliminary Scans Indicated 8 Plants of assorted sizes and types orbiting an A0 Class Star. System has been dubbed 'Ceiling Ghost', although it is unlikely it will ever be discovered by Cartel Pilots again. Nebulae and Constellations were completely unrecognizable. Further Scanning revealed a high concentration of Cosmic Signatures towards the core of the system. Due to time constraints, these were not investigated further. (See secure files attached regarding these) A Number of recognizable Signatures were picked up on scan, Amongst them an Ibis Class Frigate and two abandoned 'Hammerhead' Drones, suggesting that this system had been explored previously. The Ibis-Class Frigate was tracked down and salvaged in the name of The Angel Cartel. Readings are attached in a secure file, Camera Drone Recordings are also attached.

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