Saturday, 7 March 2009

Sodium Channels

There is a click, and static as the recording starts. A long sigh is heard.

Not only has it been a long day, but it got longer once I got off patrol. Patrol had been reasonably successful, with a fair number of targets presenting themselves, the most notable of which being a Cyclone, who melted with speed.
Once I arrived station-side, I made straight for my apartment. There were a few messages hanging around I'd been unable to check earlier. The first one blew my mind.

Dear Mr. Caman.
We are sorry to inform you that the individual known as Al Harken has passed away. We understand that he had ties with your previous organization, and it seems he has mentioned you in his will.
Mr. Harken was found in his apartment on Aurcel V at 14:00. Autopsy reveals that Mr. Harken died of a Brain Hemorrhage. No clones could be located, and no solid reason behind the Hemorrhage could be found.
Mr. Harken left you a small sum of ISK, and a Stabber-Class Cruiser (Registration 234-BB 'Delphi') The Cruiser can be found at Aurcel IV - Moon 17 - Aliastra Warehouse.
We are deeply sorry for your loss, and hope you can come to terms with Mr. Harken's Demise.
Kai Syntaki

I simply ceased to think consciously for a few hours. I had known Al from the start. I worked with him in LiveTech, I flew with him when ASRS was a dream, a concept, and even after he went planetside I stayed in touch, swapping intel and similar.
I used a suppression subroutine on my implant in an effort to put it out of my mind and headed down to The Skyhook, but despite the implant's programming, it kept surfacing.
I went back to my apartment early, and lay in bed, unable to sleep.

A typical suicide circuit operates in a similar way to some boosters. It overloads the synapses, and floods the brain with chemicals. Usually a neurotoxin, such as tetrodotoxin is used, as it acts to block sodium channels in neurons, preventing action potentials. This leads to paralysis and eventually death. There are few antidotes that can clear sodium channels, and, for that matter, death is almost always too swift for the correct antidote to be applied.
I cannot help but wonder whether the IHLS Autopsy found traces of tetrodotoxin.

There is a long pause, and heavy breathing is heard.

How many more will my Legacy claim before it finally collapses in upon itself for good?

There is static, and a click as the recording ends.

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