Monday, 19 October 2009


The feed clicks on. Milo can be seen at his desk sorting through boxes of holo-reels. Noticing the Camera Drone is on, he smoothly sweeps a few from the desk before the drone can focus on them. Grinning, he adjusts the drone until it's focused on him.

I've been sorting through all my old documents from my FNA Days. Seems they've been boxed up with my assets
and have been following me from station to station. Waiting in the station warehouse each time. I guess I must've just been unlucky with the pending item messages or something, because I don't specifically remember anyone telling me about them.

He Sighs

I suppose I should be grateful that I finally have some peace and quiet. The ASRS thing turned out to be nothing at all. Guess mother is just really paranoid. Although-

He pauses, and then Pulls up a News Holo onto the feed. The Article, which covers the podding of a particularly prominent Academy Leader, displays on screen for around half a second before blinking out. A second article displays, this time an angel cartel Intelligence Report, listing a number of Theft charges against the victim. Milo is looking smug in the background.

He tore my dreams apart, so I help coordinate the destruction of his. Having nothing else to do certainly has it's advantages
. It even frees up time to respond to Interesting target calls on patrol we'd not normally aim for. If we're not after anything specific, we can pick and choose the most profitable targets as we see fit.

Milo shuffles through his Holo reels again, looking thoughtful. He reaches behind the Camera Drone, and ends the feed.

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