Sunday, 20 September 2009


Milo can be seen at his workbench. He looks relaxed, if a little tired. The area behind him is tidy again, although several boxes have cables trailing from them. The large viewscreen behind him displays the inner workings of an implant, however, Milo's annotations are too small to read from the camera drone's viewpoint.

Dieu I feel better for that. I had a chat with Heyna about everything that happened in Aurcel, and between us we managed to come up with a vague idea of who might be tracking me.
, or their remnants again. Heyna's going to try and get in touch with some of her old contacts, and if they're acting up as well, then I think I can be fairly sure of who I'm dealing with

He Sighs

In the mean time all I can do is turn security up and forget about it. I'm just hoping it clears itself up before I remember it again. I've been tweaking my implants again, making sure they're secure. I don't want a repeat of what happened when I started with PRETA.

I've seen far less of the Family than I'd like recently. Celia's been busy, Heyna has research to do, and everyone else seems to be in an argument or on patrol. There's a few interesting people I've met from PRELI who don't seem to fit into any of these categories, but unfortunately I don't see them often.

He pauses, moving off-screen to get himself a glass of water, then moving over to the workbench on the far side of the room to tweak something. After a minute or so, he wanders back to the camera drone, reaches behind it, and closes the feed.

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