Friday, 6 February 2009


Then Molok the Deceiver sundered the lands and the people suffered floods and plagues conjured by him. Molok turned the people against the sefrim and people who once sang their praise now abhorred them.

Ametat and Avetat 43:13
Amarrian Scriptures

A lot has happened since I last logged an entry here. I have been cast aside by the remaining directorate of Asteri Rising. Barely given time to clear my apartment, I was pursued from the CBD outpost in Qeti by those I once considered my friends and allies. I headed for a quiet bar nearby and considered my options. I needed to disappear, and start again.
I spent Hours spent searching GalNet, hours of my life wasted skimming over trashy recruitment videos and adverts.
Eventually I gave up and drank myself unconscious. I woke up lying in the station corridor a few hours later with my sidearm gone and bruises all up my chest. Thank what gods there are my ISK was wired to my base implants, and, for that matter, my Implants were left alone. I didn't bother reporting it, and headed back to my temporary accommodation, feeling ashamed and sick.
I need to find a way out.

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