Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Even now aspects of my past return to haunt me.
Well, I say haunt.
I ran into an old associate in The Skyhook the other night, A pilot who'd flown under my command in Asteri Ethnos.
A Kestrel Pilot, who had since moved on into a Hawk. I was under the impression that everyone who worked for me was either dead or against me. It seems this is not the case. She was understandably upset when I told her the truth about the implants we issued.

Without really thinking about it, I ordered her a drink and we ended up talking about her employment prospects with the Cartel. It looks promising. Commander Yishal mentioned some stuff about interviews. I'm seeing new faces all over the place, Heyna being the first of many.

Later that evening we headed out into The Bleak Lands, Almost landing a drake in Oyeman, but getting jumped by a larger fleet intent on catching it. From the scraps of intel and scanner data I managed to get it seems we were merely caught in a Crossfire. The ships intent on catching the Drake fighting amongst themselves. The Surviving Fleet, which was thankfully most of us, slunk out of Oyeman and docked up for the night.

Rather than making for my usual haunt in the Skyhook, I elected to take a walk around the station. On my way round I passed Celia's Quarters. I felt a small element of concern, as I haven't seen her for a few days. I pushed the thought from my mind and continued my little tour for another 30 minutes or so, before heading back to my Apartment and making another attempt to fix my implants.

They've been playing up since Seyllin...

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