Saturday, 8 May 2010

Signing On

The docking clamps held the Cyclone-Class Battlecruiser in place, as maintenance teams moved to and from the rigging platforms like swarming ants...


Kitty nearly jumped out of her seat. She tore her gaze away from the window, hastily brushed herself off, and headed into the office. The room was plain, unadorned, yet dominated by the same window looking out into AI's private hangers that Kitty had glued herself to in the waiting room earlier.

As Kitty approached the desk. A tired-looking Sebiestor woman sat behind it, she smiled briefly, and gestured for Kitty to take a seat.

"Ms Stalls wasn't it?"

"Yes Ma'am"

The Sebiestor glanced at her datapad.

"And you were applying for an engineering position on-board the Corelatis Amurru, correct?"

Kitty gave a nod

"Any specific reason for picking out the Amurru over the other ships in dock at present?"

"It pays well, and I've done a lot of theory work around ships like the Cyclone. Know all the stuff behind working shield arrays and- yeah, well I figured It seemed the most relevant to me" She swallowed nervously.

"I see- Well, I've reviewed your application, but there's a few things I'd like to clarify before we hire you. First off, you said you moved to the Amod SoE Station from Allilere when you were about 19, Where exactly in Alillere were you?"

Kitty could hear two men talking through the door at the back of the office. She couldn't make out words, but one of the voices seemed oddly familiar.

"Ms Stalls?"

"Oh- the Aliastra Depot. I've been in space all my life. Never really had the chance to go planetside"

"Right, and why exactly did you move to Amod?"

"Lack of employment"

"Alright, and would be your first time on-board a combat vessel, correct?"

"Yes, it is. Is there any specific training I have to go through?"

"A fair amount, but most of that will be covered whilst the ship is still in dock." The Sebiestor paused for a second, entering something into her datapad. "Alright, I think that was all we needed to cover. Report to Dock D4 with any personal effects you want to bring aboard. You'll be assigned a cabin somewhere by the ship's Admin division. I've forwarded regulations on what you can take aboard to the neocom address you provided with your initial application.
Any questions?"

"No Ma'am"

"Alright, I think we're done here. Dismissed"

Kitty pushed her chair back, stood up, and headed for the exit. Just as she was leaving, she heard a door opening behind her. She ignored it, and left the office, her heart pounding.

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Milo Caman said...

This is kinda my first attempt at anything I might consider fiction. Any criticism or comments people might have would be greatly appreciated.